Streamline Landscaping

What Our Clients Say About Us

Streamline did a great job on the landscaping of my house. The workers were on time and very professional. I’m very happy with the work!

Susie B. from Brookfield

I hired Streamline to landscape my front and backyards. Jason was very helpful in the planning stages and his workers did an outstanding job implementing our plan. They are very hard workers as well as polite and friendly. I definitely would recommend them to anyone looking for landscaping installation. Job well done.

Marty G. from San Francisco

Jason, President of Streamline Landscaping came over the same day of my initial call. I explained what the village had in mind for flow of the storm water. A proposal was received a couple of days later. Jason met with the village engineer at the site and work was set to begin in a couple of days.

Streamline crew (2) were extremely polite and professional in answering all the questions I had for them. The entire job was done quicker than expected. Clean up of debris and property was done quickly.

Yes, I would suggest if your needing professional landscaping – give Streamline a call. Fully focused on satisfying their customers landscaping needs. You will be happy with the results.

Beverly from Western Springs

Streamline worked with our school to install a teaching garden for our students, teachers, and community. Not only did they provide exceptional service and quality as they prepped the area and installed a paver patio with personalized, engraved bricks we provided (not an easy task as the bricks had been previously installed in another area), but Jason himself visited and lent a hand on the day volunteers were building the planting beds. The whole experience from start to finish was smooth, professional, friendly, and efficient.

Brian G. from Western Springs

I found Jason through Facebook app actual. I had called several places in a week with no calls, no emails, no contact what so ever and he showed up the next day. I will never understand why people don’t want work. Anyways, I explained what I wanted he gave me a quote signed up that day. His crew showed up the very next day. We were not home when they did the work, by the end of the day the sod was in and the stone was done for the pavers. The next day it rained and in day 3 he workers were there bright and early. By the end if the day pavers where in. His paver guy stayed til he eas completely finished. Jason came bavk the next day to do a few touch ups and get his equoimemt. I was very HAPPY with the price, the quality of the job and his crew!!! thank you Jason!!!! #nextseasonfrontyard!

Stacwould Y. from South Side Chicago

We are so pleased with the complete transformation you performed on our yard. The flagstone stepped path not only eliminated a long-time erosion problem, but it made our entire front yard look very polished and well-designed. Before, we never spent any time in our hardscaped back yard, but Streamline Landscaping makes it feel like an oasis.

Frank from Western Springs

The project is looking great and the men are doing a great job. Many thanks to you, Frank, John, and Danny for all your hard work. Our yard looks wonderful and we are truly enjoying it!

Terese from La Grange

We want you to know how much we appreciate the hard work of you and your crew! Outstanding! You are doing such a great job and everyone I have spoke to agrees. I keep meaning to tell you that so I am so happy I emailed. It is so much better than before.

Sue from Hinsdale

Thanks Jason for all your help and the help of your men. Everything was done on time and as promised. The crew was very professional and proficient. Especially important to us was the final touches and clean-up. Our lawn is the best it has ever been for 20 years!

Mildrid from La Grange

The stone work is beautiful and we have received many compliments about how nice everything looks. Our friends describe it as an arboretum. Thank you, it looks beautiful!

James from Countryside