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Beautiful, Healthy Lawns; The Right Drain Controls the Rain!

Does water pool in your lawn after a heavy rainfall? Does the rain from your neighbor’s lawn drain down onto yours making it a sloppy mess? Having a proper drainage plan for your lawn is a must! Failure to do so can result in water drowning and killing your grass. Excess water can turn your lawn into a muddy mess and that mess can easily be tracked by your family, friends or pets through your home causing an unnecessary headache. If the rain pools near your house, it could damage your foundation and leak into your home causing costly damage. These problems can easily be avoided with a proper drainage system. Depending on your layout, certain drainage resolution systems may be better than others, and the best way to decide which would fit your property best is to call a professional at Streamline Landscaping; 708-296-4081! Streamline will talk through your options and clearly explain which options are most suitable for your property, and why! Call Today!