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Now is the Time for Turf. Let the Games Begin!

Do you own a home or business and are looking to incorporate Fun into your layout? Artificial Turf is a great option! We have talked about the great advantages of using Artificial Turf if you have pets since the turf is easy to maintain and eliminates the muckiness of wet sod or grass being tracked through your home or business. However, there are many other pluses to consider when weighing your lawn options.

Games and What to Consider…

If you expect to have heavy foot traffic, artificial turf may be the best route! Heavy traffic can occur any time you incorporate games of any sort on your property. The game of “Cornhole” or “Bags” (depending on what you call it) is a classic game that is enjoyed by adults and children alike. You may have seen it at bars/restaurants or at your friends house, and you will notice there is a lot of back and forth that takes place. Adding turf to your lawn will eliminate the risk of the lines created by the foot traffic and keep your green looking sharp!

Maybe you are looking to improve your Golf game. Whether it be traditional golf or disc golf (or “Frolf”), Artificial turf makes for a great putting green. Streamline has even installed putting greens for a Frolf player in his suburban backyard. Below, you will get a view of the outdoor underlayment. The stone below the turf allows for drainage, and when you spray your turf down, it is all set to drain appropriately and helps to keep your turf looking fresh and clean. Practice makes perfect, and having your own place to practice will help to accelerate your game.

Businesses & Games

If you own a business, consider the value of incorporating games to your establishment. Turf can be laid indoors or outdoors, so don’t be dismayed if your outdoor space is small. If you have room indoors, you can still create a fun-looking space with turf! Games can help to keep the revenue rolling as people have continue to add to their bill while the play! What’s more, having games available to your customers creates joy. The happier people are, the more likely they are to give your business a positive review! We all now that in this day and age, businesses thrive on positive reviews. Having a green and clean game area can only add value to your business.

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