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How to Install Sharp-Looking Turf!

Artificial Turf is becoming more and more popular in the Chicagoland area. Why?

  • Low Maintenance
  • Gives Your Property a Clean, Green Look.
  • Eliminates mud and muck caused by heavy foot traffic
  • Dogs and their owners love it! Easy to Maintain, and dogs no longer track mud indoors after doing their business outside on a rainy day.
  • Business owners love it!
    • Own a Doggy business? It can be installed both indoors and outdoors.
    • Have an outdoor patio? Your property will look sharp with a vibrant green color, and the heavy foot traffic by your customers will not impact its beauty.

So what goes into an artificial turf installation? Today we are going to discuss outdoor turf installation. Check out this quick video that highlights a recently completed job in Lagrange, IL:


Before getting to the actual installation of artificial turf, it is important to prepare the area.

First, you will want to remove any debris that is in the location where you want the turf to be installed.

Once you have done that, you will move on to grading the area to insure you have a level base. This is most easily accomplished with the use of machinery. However, if you have the time, hand tools, and a lot of energy, you could always do the project by hand, although that’s not advised if you have any hopes of completing the project in a timely manner. Depending on what machine you are using, like a bobcat or MT85 for example, you can find several different attachments that will help you do the job more easily.

When grading the area, it is important to ensure a level grade. However, you also need to consider your drainage needs. If your lawn regularly takes on a lot of water, or you deal with heavy pooling after a hard rain, it may be advisable to contact a professional before moving forward with your turf installation to ensure you have the best drainage plan laid out so you can do the project right the first time. A professional can advise you if the gravel that you will lay prior to the turf will allow for sufficient drainage, or if you need to install an additional drainage system to ensure you are set up for success. Streamline Landscaping is well-versed with the installation of many different types of drainage systems and is a great resource to get your drain-related questions answered. Contact us any time with any questions you may have, or check out the full list of Services we offer!

Laying the Gravel Base

Once you have graded your area, you want to lay a gravel base before installing the turf. The gravel base aids in proper drainage. You want to ensure that the gravel has been compacted before proceeding with the turf install. You will notice in the video above that once the gravel has been poured in the area, it gets spread out evenly with a rake. After that, a compactor is used to firm up the base which allows for ease in installation.

Selecting Your Turf

There are several different types of turf that you can choose from depending on your turf goals. Some people want a turf that works best for dogs. Others may want to install golf or frisbee golf putting greens. Some turfs may have a great visual appeal, but may not be durable. Whatever your turf hopes are, there are many different choices. Here is a link that shows you different kinds of turf and considerations of turf when making your selection!

The old adage “Measure twice and Cut Once” surely applies for turf installation. You want to ensure you have properly measured your property. It never hurts to add some length to ensure it’s not too short, and you have enough turf to properly cover the area!

Laying the Turf

Turf comes in rolls like carpet. It can be very heavy so you may need a few hands for the job. Once the area is prepped, the turf will be rolled into the area and aligned appropriately. Most lawns are not a perfect square, so you will need to cut the turf along different areas of the curves of your lawn to avoid bubbling. You want the turf to be flat on your lawn for the sharpest look.

Once the turf has been laid, you will need to stake it into the ground. You also want to avoid the appearance of any seams. Seam tape is a useful resource to achieve the seamless look.

After the turf has been installed, it is helpful to use a large push broom across the entire turf so that you can perk up the turf and make it look like lively grass. Since the turf comes in rolls, the “grass” can appear matted, so sweeping across the entire area will help give you the look you want!

Consider a Professional

Artificial Turf Installation is a Big Job with a lot of factors to consider. To be sure it is done right the first time, hiring a professional is your best bet. That’s not to say it cannot be done on your own. However, to save yourself the time, and perhaps, the money in the long run, a professional is the way to go. You would hate to complete the job to realize it does not look the way you hoped, then to have to pay a professional to correct it. This explanation provides an overview of the process and what to expect, but is not exactly comprehensive. If you choose to go it alone, do the research. You do not want to miss any steps along the way! Streamline Landscaping has successfully completed many turf jobs both outdoors, indoors, and on balconies in Penthouses in Downtown Chicago. Contact us today for a free quote. You will not regret your turf installation and the peace that comes with knowing it will be done right the first time.