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Seeding; Don’t Be Fooled by Warm Temps

Check out this message from the President of Streamline regarding premature grass seeding. The following blog summarizes the message in its entirety.

Are You Seeding Too Soon?

Early in the Spring season, a common problem people face is when they start seeding their grass too soon. Here in the Chicago area, we recently experienced a beautiful week with temperatures hitting the low 80s. One week later, temperatures dropped back down to 30 degrees.

If you begin seeding too early in the Spring season while the weather is nice, but then the temperatures drop, the cold temperatures could cause damage to the seed coat. This damage to the seed coat could compromise the growth and ultimately create a need to reseed your lawn.

Brown patches in your grass show the need for seed.

You should also consider waiting to install smaller plant material until later in the Spring season when the risk of cold temperatures is limited. Streamline Landscaping generally waits until May to install plant material or to begin grass seeding.

If you are installing sod, you are okay to do so earlier in the season as the sod can withstand colder temperatures. Streamline Landscaping has already completed multiple sod jobs this season. Below is a look at a completed Sod Installation that outlines the entire process of installing new sod at a local residence.

When in Doubt, Contact a Professional

If you are ever unsure of the necessary steps to take to properly complete a landscaping job, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. Whether you just need some questions answered, or you would like us to handle the job in its entirety, we are ready for your call! You can also explore our website to view Projects Completed as well as a full list of the Services we offer.